Saturday, May 13, 2006

Just around the corner

It dawned on me while watching the run-through yesterday (for the designers) that preview week is one week away.

I've tampered and added and cut and touched and worn out the script.

Watching the run-through yesterday, i'm mainly worried about one scene in Act II. And I will be done 'til preview week.
The actors have been amazingly patient and adaptable...but as a writer friend of mine said today, "Leave them alone. Let them relax. Lock it down and let them get comfortable."

Right. *sigh*
I knew better anyway...

Oh! Speaking of desingers:

Mimi Epstein - Sound Design
Laurie Price - Props Design
Kim Schnormeier - Costume Design
Jeff Weiss - Lighting Design
John Williamson - Set Design

Here's a look at a model of the set:

Little short on words today. So, i'll just leave you with a picture of rehearsal, yesterday...


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