Monday, May 08, 2006

3rd week, and still going...

3rd week began today.
Saw a complete run of the show in it's current existence *smile* this past Saturday.

I sat through the first act, trying to see if I cared about what was happening...trying to make sure the through-lines of the characters were there... and the story.

I know there was moment when I forgot to look at the actors by their names and only saw them as their characters, had to. HAVE to be able to see that to see if i can hear the story.
Don't know that i did. I literally jumped with each line to that current line existing only within it as it was being said. Have to watch it again.

At the end of the 1st act, the director and stage manager applauded, while I sat there in silence, consumed in my own concerns of mistakes, future changes,etc.
I then realized I wasn't applauding. I wasn't doing anything, in fact. And well, that's REALLY not a good sign to the cast or director that have been busting their butts for the past 2 weeks, with rewrites flying at them left and right...

So, I immediately applauded...
I know the cast is strong because I had the opportunity to step back and really take a look at structure...and not be distracted by anything else. I'm getting a chance to look at the play, play. That's what I need. It's not just about listening but watching it happen, now.
IS it the question.
The first act is literally a non-stop force, not allowing the main character, Hadia, to leave the stage for an hour.
while everyone else is revolving around her. I have to see it again. to see if it is telling a story.
2nd act is still missing something.
I've been going through earlier drafts to find it. There's a missing moment, beat. Hmm...

Had the first production meeting last week.
Met with all designers. Due to the lack of scene breaks, both costume and sound design...had "a couple" of questions for me. *smile*

Will have designers and photo of set model posted soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

NO scene breaks? Gosh, I bet the designers love/hate such a challenge. Was it a conscious decision made before you started writing the play, or did its logistical structure evolve right alongside the story itself?

6:09 PM  
Blogger The Perfect Prayer said...

It was not a conscious decision, actually.
It evolved with the story.
What's actually happened's a tangible pulling of the main character back and forth between what she wants and what her parents want.

*laugh* I did apologize to the costume designer because...there's no chance for Hadia to show an elapse of time.

The sound designer quietly asked me and the director to let me know when she could squeeze a bit of music in during the play... *smile*

Right now, it's a marriage between the director's blocking and the lighting design... with the script as a mistress.

11:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's — ah — quite a love triangle!

7:04 PM  

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