Tuesday, April 18, 2006

God Willing.

I think I will back up a bit and fill you in on one of the more interesting stories of fate with this project.

In December, Lisa and I decided it would probably be a good idea to start gathering the contact information of the actors we thought would be good for these roles. The original plan was to hold auditions in January.

Being the holidays, it was probably the most convenient time to gather this information. (Most of the parties I attended were filled with actors and not many of them went far without a headshot within reach.)

One particular evening, a good friend of mine, Karla, an actress, called me and said, "Suehyla, have you found anyone for the role of the FATHER yet?"

I said, "No. And i've seriously ...got nothin'..."

"Well, "She replied, "I met this guy at an audition and...I don't know what he can do talent wise but, I gotta tell ya...he looks the part. He's really nice, too. I went ahead and got his headshot for you. I'll bring it to the party tonight."

Great, i'm thinking. That's perfect.

She gets there, hands me the headshot and ...*shrug*... I'm like...whatever. This is fine. At this point in time, i'm just gathering. I will call no shots 'til the person is in front of me.

I stayed rather late at this particular party...or...rather early, depending on how you look at it and ended up being the DD for several friends.

On the way home, driving down Moreland Avenue, my intoxicated, rambunctious passenger(another fellow actor) notices the small pile of headshots between us.

In my peripheral view, I see him reach over, pick up the top headshot (brought by Karla) and fumble out the words, "Whoisthis?"

"That's one of the actors we may call in for Perfect Prayer."


"Yeah. You know him?"


As we start to cross the bridge that spans I-20, I hear the ssshhhhh of the passenger window as it electronically slides down.
I feel that damp chilliness enter the car(The ability for air in the south to still be humid no matter how cold it is, is amazing). I turn to look at my drunk friend (it's all in slow motion now) as he takes the headshot and tosses it out the window, into the air...and nonchalantly rolls the window back up;...as if he's just rid himself of some lint...or...a cigarette butt.

To say I lost my temper would be laziness on my part as a writer. But. It is what I will leave you with...

I chalked up the loss to fate. To God's will. The actor probably wasn't any good anyway. Right?


Fast forward to a week and a half ago when Karla pays me a visit.
I tell her about our panicked search for an actor to play FATHER.
She perks up and says, "That reminds me! I just saw that actor in a show! The actor who's headshot I gave you?"

"Oh, yeah..."

"Yeah. He was really good, Suehyla. He played a Palestinian terrorist."


"Hm. I almost forgot about him. What was his name?"

"Tom Thon."

"That's right. Tom. Thon. Hm...."

I call Lisa. Ask her if she's ever heard of him. Suprisingly, she recalls having just met him at a party a few months back...and, Yes, that does seem like an interesting choice... do I have his contact information.

Why. Yes. I do. It's somewhere between Moreland avenue and I-20.

I ended up contacting the theatre he was currently working with, got the information to Lisa, and...the rest, as they say, is soon to be history.

I think what i've really come upon is a new way to audition people...

Anyways. Lisa and I continue to meet daily this week, prepping for the upcoming rehearsals. ..and upcoming production.

Just thought i'd share that little bit of fate...


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