Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Script changes and casting challenges

The story has changed considerably. The hardest struggle is letting go of Hadia (the main character)...and letting her be herself...and no longer a representation of me. Just because she makes choices doesn't mean i'll have to make them, too. Just because we have things in common, doesn't mean we're the same people. Sometimes she's better than I am. Sometimes she's really whiny and gets on my f-in nerves. It will be a struggle up until opening night.

I'm still completing touch ups on the play. (uh...I think Lisa would say that's an understatement).
Rehearsals begin the week of April 24.
3 of the 4 member cast have been chosen:
Marianne Fraulo - MOTHER
Megan Hayes - HADIA
Tyler Owens - ADAM

The father is the most difficult role to cast.
To find an arab looking actor in his 60's OR who LOOKS like he's in his 60's, is talented AND available...oh. AND affordable? not an easy task.
2 weeks away? Lisa is scrambling to do all she can: She and I both have to be happy with the choice... I don't think this will be a difficult thing...I just hope we don't panic and choose simply because we're out of time.


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