Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I was pretty lucky (along with 3 other playwrights in the Atlanta area) to be featured in an article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution (otherwise known as the AJC).

The picture below was placed online and in the newspaper.

I received a phonecall from my mother 2 days ago after she received my email announcement. The following conversation followed:

(Those who know me KNOW that I cannot quote my mother without actually imitating her accent. There's really no point...however, in writing? It is near impossible. Please feel free to use your imagination:)

me: hello?

mom: hello, suehyla.

me: hi, mom. how's it goin'?

mom: it is good. thank you very much for sending the picture.

me: Oh! No problem, I sent it to everyone.

mom: I know but [my sister] was the one who told me about it.

me: (confused) Did you not get the email?

mom: No. I got it.

me: Oh. Okay.

mom: It's a good picture. I want to send it to Egypt...but I can't.


mom: do you know why I can't?

me: (not giving in to the trap)

mom: Because you're cleavage is showing.

me: i know...but it's not that bad. the photographer wouldn't have used the picture if he thought it was bad, momma. during the session, he asked me to adjust my shirt several times.

mom: oh. i see. that was nice of him. Who was he?

me: You don't know him, mom.

mom: Oh. okay.

The rest of the conversation is not necessary and rather repetitive. Let me just say now...I love my mother. I do. I wouldn't be who i am without EVERYTHING she did...

The following morning, I called my father (they live in the same house's a long story). Dad's only comment?

"This is a bad picture."

"I know, Dad. Sorry."

I don't know if he's read the article or not.
I know my mother has. She called my sister to say her feelings were hurt by a comment I made...

My sister, though, reassured me that I only spoke the truth and it wasn't a bad was just...the truth.

Most importantly, for me, she told me that she agreed and understood the comment.

Hopefully my parents will as well. None of this, the play or to hurt. It never has been... and it's been one of my main concerns in the upcoming production...whether or not my parents will be able to sit through this play and enjoy it? or will it be 2 hours of an insult to them?

I really have no way to tell...
I can only ask that, God willing? Everything ends up okay...


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