Sunday, April 16, 2006

What's in a name?

So, it's exactly one week before rehearsals are to begin for The Perfect Prayer.

Have a meeting today with Lisa to look at some much needed script changes to 2nd act prior to going into know, to cut down on the number of actors having nervous breakdowns due to a multitude of non-stop revisions.

The two main battles i've had with this script are the following:
1) the middle of the journey for Hadia (the main character)
2) The freakin' title.

As I said in an earlier post, the previous title was Sunset, inspired by the 4th prayer of the 5 daily prayers....maghrib. In the original script, the main character declares her fascination with this particular prayer due to its time requirement: It must be done JUST after sunset. I always found this to be rather magical...and decided to give the same notion to Hadia.

However, as the play has grown and the story expanded, as well as the characters... this major trait became a rather minor one...
The title no longer made sense.
In addition to that, I was advised by certain parties that be...that it's not a marketable title. I was informed:

The title doesn't tell one anything. Doesn't intrigue. Doesn't give a notion as to what a patron may be walking into on whatever evening he/she has chosen to attend. Heck. It's so lacking in intriguement, one isn't very sure people would even attend it... not without some sort of theatrical trailer giving away the whole the masses are conditioned to having.

*shrug* *smile*

At the very first workshop for the script, I had a close friend helping me as a writing partner. He and I came to rest on the title, Perfect Prayer.
At least...I think we did. It's all a blur now...and somehow this name has stuck. And, i'm not gonna lie... I've racked my and my friends' brains for ...SOMETHING else. SOMETHING. Somewhere...

It was Sunset for so long, I had difficulty letting go.
And now that The Perfect Prayer has been with me for 2 just seems...well...perfect.

And so it is.

It's like naming a child...except, at some point in time, if your child decides to change his/her name legally...he/she can. A piece of creative work is stuck in eternity with its name...unless, of course, the piece can be forgotten...
then the name doesn't matter at all.

And if you're wondering how The Perfect Prayer came to be the title?
You should probably come see the show...
perhaps you could even make some suggestions...


Blogger Sarah said...

I've always loved the name Perfect Prayer...and find it very intriguing.

so there.

12:31 PM  
Blogger ~a said...

i still like the mud/clay title we came up with that night at the bar.

7:15 PM  
Blogger lex said...

i still like my suggestion of "Denial, it's not just a river in Mississippi"

4:46 PM  

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