Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Rewrites, Papers, Scissors.

The most challenging hurdles, right now, are editing and rewrites.

Edits? It's taking every bone in my body to not trash the current script and write a new one; and rewrites are like trying to throw up...carefully.

There are so many scenes that have been cut and brought back and created and then cut and kept around in my office to confuse me ...

Right now, in looking to solidify the structure and story of the play, I am delving through the older drafts. There is a comfort in knowing that something that was instinctively chosen in the beginning will work in the end. The journey i've taken in attempting different ideas and following through with this or what helped me realize this. It aided in getting me to understand the story I wanted to tell, that wanted to be told.
I've always been better at knowing what I don't like than what I like. Process of elimination...

However, sifting through older scenes that were cut because they didn't add to THIS story? Is leading to a discovery of a whole 'nother play waiting to be told.

It was never my intention to do this, to be a playwright...but, it's something i've always done: construct scenes, tell stories, share experiences... I'm willing to accept I may have been in denial, somewhere.
The symptom I have to overcome due to this is "this is the only play i'll ever write." It's hard to remember it doesn't have to be that way. Not everything I want/need to say needs to go into the script.
There's relief in that.


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