Wednesday, April 26, 2006

2nd day

Rehearsals run from noon to 5.
Read through the script twice on the first day. Great to hear it with all the different voices instead of just Lisa and me alternating. There's only so much two people can handle.

Today was great.
Due to line revisions and a couple of rewrites to scenes, i ran a bit late, coming into rehearsal 30 minutes behind everyone... fantastic, though. I'm glad that it worked out like that. The conversations that are taking place just two days in are wonderful to sit through. There are parallels that the actors and Lisa are finding that I did not intend but am glad are there. It makes me think of English class in high school when that one question was asked, "Is the symbolism intentional?"

Ah. Maybe. It depends. What works for you?

Plus, the wonderful thing about rehearsals, when the energy and combination of people are good... the wonderful thing is the personal sharing that begins... without thinking. The opinions, the defense of characters...the individual real-life experiences of the actors. It's wonderful.

Lisa is slowly sliding off her dramaturg responsibilities and placing her director's cap on...
This is a difficult transition for me to understand with her only because i'm accustomed to dealing with her questions on a dramaturg level. So, when she asks a questions, I immediately think that means I need to rewrite the scene...
whereas, she's just asking a question of my see if we (the director and playwright) are on the same page.

It's a bit of culture shock. But...I welcome it.

It's actually liberating to see the actors and director take the words and characters given to them...and run with it. There's no need to control, on my part. I am looking to see what I can do to help them do their job more easily...while maintaining the integrity of the script.

So many people asked me if I was going to be in this show, which always confused me. My goal as a playwright is to be a playwright. To see if my vision is properly conveyed on the page. To see if I left the script in the hands of total strangers (which would be GREAT, eventually) they vision would still be maintained.
What's the point of writing a script that I have to babysit?
How would I grow as a writer if I acted%


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