Thursday, April 27, 2006

Day 3 and 4

Rehearsals take place on the set of Permanent Collection, currently running at Horizon Theatre. We're doing the table work right now which gives me a lot of opportunity to hear all the little touch ups that need to be done...and also work really concreting the 2nd act structure/story.

Having a really personal day today, in the sense of realizing how self-indulgent the play is. I have been focused on an idea of universal theme for so long, I almost forgot it is mostly my story, my parents' story...up on the stage.

Exposed doesn't even begin to cover how i'm feeling right now.

Glad I didn't get cold feet before. I need the reailty check for a bit of humility but...wouldn't trade this experience for NOT knowing what it's like. Just wish I'd not come across this exposure-ephipany RIGHT now. In the midst of rewrites.

Conversation around the table is still good and strong and there was a wonderful moment, today, when Lisa came across an arabic word in the script (spelled out phonetically) and asked, What does this mean again? And the entire cast answered. I didn't even have to...which is wonderful.

Have provided FATHER (Tom Thon) with a video-tape instruction explaining salat. There are moments for me where I wonder how much I really DON'T know about the Islamic religion.

I really wish I could have my father come and sit in on rehearsals. It'd be great to have his feedback. Have him correct me. To have him be an active part of the process...

We'll see.

Following pictures show the cast and Lisa and our wonderful stage manager, Ronnie. (God bless all the GOOD stage managers).

The cast, in alphabetical order, again is:

Marianne Fraulo - MOTHER
Megan Hayes - HADIA
Tyler Owens - ADAM
Tom Thon - FATHER

(L-R) Lisa, Tyler, Megan, Tom's leg.

(L-R) Marianne, Tom

Everybody...and Ronnie, in the left corner.


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