Saturday, May 20, 2006


So far there has been one problem that has come up as we prepare for production.

I received a phone call from wonderfully sweet Ann at Horizon 2 days ago.

I was on my way in to pick up the newly printed fliers.
Ann calmly said, "Suehyla. I think there's something you should know before you see the fliers."


"Well. Despite the fact that we had 5 pairs of eyes double-checking everything on the final proof...All of us somehow missed the fact that... um... your name was misspelled."


*now. sidenote here... I completely let my ego step in on the following statement...*

"Are you F-IN KIDDING ME??!"

Now. To anyone who gets the pleasure of meeting Ann at Horizon... let me describe her: She's beautiful. She's classy. She's UBER-kind and extremely gentle.

And despite any stress she may have been under at that moment, she immediately took the position to be vented at, ready for the flogging, at your service, sir.

"Suehyla. I know you must be upset and I am here for you to vent and release anything you need to. I cannot tell you how sorry we are. But, know that I am willing and ready to listen to anything you have to say."

Here's the thing.
It's not even about me.
It's the Theatre Company. know what? This shit happens.
Maybe if i'm really good at this... these fliers will be collector's items. And if not... then, they can be recycled.

The fun i've had with everyone lately is... if you thought my name was difficult to say when correctly spelled...
try it now:

Sueyhla El-Attar

And, another thing? If that's the only problem we have...Thank you God.


Anonymous Kathy Harber said...

Suehyla...We saw the play last night (6-16-06) and it was INCREDIBLE! In our contact on my board service I always viewed you as talented, wise and fun. This play was all that and more. Randy works with many Muslims at CNN and he's taking fliers to work. Like other posted comments, I laughed, cried and learned.

Thank you for this grand gift...I can't wait to say, "Oh, I've known her for years!" when people research your Atlanta years because you are so well-known.

Hope all else is good for you these days...know you are wished THE BEST...Kathy Harber

10:31 PM  

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