Saturday, May 20, 2006

"It looks like a real play!"

That would be all I kept saying yesterday during the 10 out of 12.

*shaking head* *smile* I couldn't help it...there's actors and costumes and lighting and music and's...

it's all real.

I stopped in a couple of times yesteray. Today there was a bit of finishing up with tech...then run-thrus.

It's hard fighting the urge to wonder if there's more I should be doing...

This is not something I can ever say I did alone, that's for sure. For all the congrats and sweeping comments that keep coming my way... I've gotta say, if it weren't for the numerous readings and the actors and Lisa's natural dramaturg tendency... there's no way in HELL i did this by myself. And to every playwright or writer who DOES do this by themselves and does it well? *bows deeply*

I'm having great fears that i've gotten all sorts of information incorrect. Panic is setting in to give me something to do.

I'm at a loss of exactly what i'm supposed to be doing today. In relation to my play. For the cast. For the director. For...the designers...



First real audience is Tuesday night (previews run through Thursday) and then onto opening on Friday.

The cast is wonderful. The director is relaxed. The designers have bonded on headsets...and the stage manager is a wonderful, cool breeze that calms everything down.

What more could a play ask for?

Besides a plot.
And an audience.

All I can keep saying is, "It looks like a real play..."



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