Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Come on in, We're OPEN!!!!

It's taken me a couple of days to process and i'm not sure that i'm actually there, but the show, The Perfect Prayer is open to it's world premiere!!

Overwhelmed is not the word... speechless is; which is why it's taken me awhile to return and post.

By the way? Speechless at the opening of your world premiere? Not a good way to be...*smile*
Perhaps I should take it as a very good sign that people want to hear more from me,though? *shrug* Who knows. I'm just glad I wasn't open-mouth breathing and drooling on myself... I could AT LEAST control that.

Opening night was attended by nearly every bit of love I have in this city and theatre community...and then some. A packed house stayed with every moment of the show. It was quite a ride... The cast was wonderful. It occurred to me that I'm not watching them work. ... especially Megan Hayes. You forget that she doesn't get to leave the stage except for intermission... she makes it look easy. *shaking head* Applause to her.
And Lisa Adler's direction of a non-stop show? Is unbelievable... This came from all of the people who watched this project grow through the last 2 workshops... people who have only been listening to the words and hearing the actions...
and finally, here it is...full blast. In their faces... and so seamlessly guided by the hand of Lisa...
The house graciously rose to its feet at the end of the show... *smile*

I've not returned and will not 'til next week... It'll be interesting to see a room full (hopefully!) of strangers with the show.

Audience comments received (and they're not even related!! *grin*) :

I loved The Perfect Prayer. And quite honestly, I was exhausted when I went and still loved it. So did my friends, who are 1 Jewish, 1 Lutheran, and 1 Greek Orthodox...made for great discussion.

Truly, it was awesome! VERY, VERY, VERY well written...I can just see it on Broadway -- in lights!... I think your audience couldn't WAIT to pop out of their seats to give you standing ovation -- you and your cast! And they were so perfectly cast!...
I am going to send an email to many of my friends and recommend that they see it.

What a funny, moving, and thought-provoking exploration of the meaning of family, culture, country, religion, race, relationships. Thank you so much. I am telling everyone I know to go see it.

....I laughed so hard yesterday that I had to use my asthma inhaler....Your play was fantastic!!!!!! It got me all jacked up, and for the first time in a very very long time I felt happy to be a Muslim...

During the intermission, I was approached by a Muslim man from Bosnia who immediately inquired about the dynamics of the family within the play. And he was also quick to say that some of the arabic (from the Qu'ran) wasn't correctly pronounced. Although his approach was sincere and quiet, I wasn't ready ...and reacted defensively to protect my cast (who had non-stop rehearsals and shows all week long) AND my script...

At the opening night party, he approached the actors themselves to let them know about the errors...
And, at first, I was a little angry... However, I realized i'd forgotten one important comment in the midst of his observations, "What you're doing here is very important."

And after a friend told me that he watched me act rather...non-charismatically... to the man (much to my embarrassment) and I remembered the comment? I awakened to the fact that this stranger is being just as protective of the work... it wasn't an attack. Just a critical piece of help to make sure his religion, faith are accurately represented. (have to watch the ego...*sigh*)

The hardest thing is, people want more. "What was true?" "Are you parents really like that?" "How did you...?"...
And i'm tired. *smile* Kindly and gratefully tired, but tired nonetheless. I understand the sincere curiousity and respect the compliment in wanting more... I just don't know that I have it give right now.

This script is not done yet (it is for this production) but there were so many things discovered that, had I not been here... one wonders...

Reviews come out this week. *deep breath*...Yep. *blink* *blink*...Yep. *sigh*

Deep thanks to all my friends(family) who made it (Julie who flew in from NYC), the board members who have watched this every step of the way; the strangers who only came because of the ads, the staff, the designers, the crew, the cast...and Lisa.

Oh. And God. Thank you, God.


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