Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Check please.

First preview audience last night. Benefit audience for the Genesis Shelter. Went really well. One comment received:

For the benefit of those on the list who were not at last night’s performance, treat yourself to a dose of culture. This one is worth your time. Funny, poignant, and thought-provoking with strong performances by each cast member. Further proof that not all good theater is limited to productions at the Alliance.

And with that, I say... there's still more work to do.

What's difficult to assess is, what works needs to be done now and what can wait to just be in an updated script? The cast, although magnificent in their adaptibility to ready to just have something concrete. After the invited dress rehearsal on Sunday night, though... there were some big changes that needed to be done and WERE incorporated into last night's show. AND, they pulled it off. But not without having had a some moments of worry and frustration.

That being said, spirits remain so strong and high.

The pieces that now need work are what I refer to as "kitchen drawer" pieces. You know, when you're moving? The big stuff is SO easy...but, it's the little stuff that begins to nag at you and seems to take forever until you finally just dump it all into a box that, in turn, when you arrive at your new home, you just dump it all into a drawer ...slowly recovering things over the YEARS.

i don't want years.

I want perfection now.
Ah. Well.

Opening is Friday.
Interesting audience tonight. It is another preview/benefit audience for the Baitul Network... a non-profit organization that provides shelter for battered and abused moslem women and their children.

Which means...this will be the first audience with Moslems in it.


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