Friday, June 16, 2006


Got this email from the NEW marketing director at Horizon Theatre (YAY!!!):

Hi guys,

I thought that everyone might be interested to see the amazing places that
Suehyla's AP article was picked up. - Everything Michigan
Cnn.netscape.cnn - Washington's all news radio station - Victoria, Texas - KSL Radio Salt Lake City - Hilton Head, SC - Fredricksburg, VA - Connecticut Stage - Nashville, TN - The Woodlands, TX (Houston suburb)

Among others! Way to go!


So. Not to shabby for a bit of press, right?

My favorite HAS to be the Daily Star Egypt. Who knew??? *smile*

Several theatre companies (who attended the TCG conference) have expressed interest in reading the script. And i've had one more come to me via the AP article... which is great.

So. The next step is to meet with the literary manager (the ever serene Caleb) of Horizon Theatre and Lisa Adler; putting the final touches on the script before send off, creating a package, and following through on the interested parties.

This comes to the business of it all... *shrug* Again, we'll see. We'll learn (God willing, without a LOT of mistakes).


Blogger Punk-Coder said...

Congrats. I saw the show tonight and really enjoyed it and found it extreamly insightful. Thank you for giving me something to think about.

11:34 PM  

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