Monday, June 12, 2006

Associated Press

The AP interview was released yesterday.


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I went to see PP last night with my Catholic American boyfriend. As soon as I heard the azan in the opening, my eyes started to well up. I was amazed at how on point you were at unraveling the issues in the play. It's like seeing myself in the mirror. During intermission, I went to the restroom and bawled. A couple of ladies gave me a hug and several more stopped to ask what was wrong. "We all cried." That was what they said. "My father was like that." "This will pass, you're still young." I walked out and my boyfriend was waiting for me outside. I looked at him and couldn't help but wonder whether we'll end up together. But the message of the play is bigger than just that. I realize now that I can be a good Muslim and have an American boyfriend. I just need to try to be happy and leave everything to Allah. PP has definitely rekindled the flame of my faith. My faith was waning, I was at my lowest low. Thank you for coming to save me, at the time where I needed it the most.

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You've left me a bit speechless. ...Thank you.

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