Thursday, June 08, 2006


Did an interview with Kathy Janich (reporter in the southeast theatre scene for Backstage) couple of weeks ago; click here to read it. (note 1 thing: my sisters live in the United States, not in Egypt.) Okay, actually, note 2 things: i'm tired of reading me say, "It doesn't feel real." Supposed I should stop saying it then, eh? *smile* *shrug* It's just how I feel every time someone asks me, "So, how does this feel?"

The interview isn't about the play, though. Janich's focus is on combination artists (playwright/actor) in Atlanta. She interviewed my close friend Lauren Gunderson and Thomas Ward, who is enjoying HIS world premiere of Keeping Watch at Theatrical Outfit in downtown Atlanta.

This weekend is a big to-do as TCG holds their annual conference right here in Atlanta!

Had an interview with Bridges TV last night, too. Don't know when that will air. Been told it's largest audience is based in NYC.

The first question asked was, "Why did you decide to write a Muslim play?"

To which I replied, I never intended to write a muslim play. I had a story to tell and it just happened that I was muslim.

The rest is just the brilliance of God's timing.

Baptism by fire on publicity with this thing...


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