Friday, June 15, 2007

Response to posted comment for previous entry

About a week ago, a third comment was posted to the entry below. It affected me greatly for many reasons...and i have been debating on how to respond,
IF I chose to respond.

My immediate reaction was confusion and then a slow dawining of... This individual did not get the point of the play.
He/She chose to highlight all the moments in the play that show all the wrongs the characters are doing...
which. Is ...well. Kind of the story. It's a story of discovery. The fact that the father contradicts himself by saying he's a good moslem and then wishing death every day of his life... Yeah. That's the irony.

THAT's the universal connection. We rarely hear from the people in the world making mistakes trying to be good. There are only the loud fanatics that declare themselves perfect, it seems.

But... I have to look deeper than this. It took my sister reminding me of the Qu'ran instruction: should we (muslims) see Islam misrepresented, it is our duty to correct the representation.

Despite how many time I say, "I did not write a muslim play; I just happen to be muslim"; the fact that I took a traditional coming of age story and had it centered around a muslim family leaves a lot of expectation and responsibility.

I just shudder to think what anybody who shares the same opinion/concerns as this individual would've thought had they seen the original play in its one act form. THAT version had NO instruction on Islam. It was just the bare ugly humanity of the lack of growth.

And I am stuck. Wondering. Where to go with the commentary. I don't get commentary like this very often. Rarely, in fact.

I am aware of all the contradictions. They are not there by accident. They are there on purpose. MOST importantly, they are not there to insult. This play is not JUST about being moslem. It is about TRYING to be moslem; about trying to be onesself, at the same time, and what confusion/frustration is born from that... at all ages.

Yes. I understand that in an ideal world God comes first. I understand that in an ideal life, by God coming first and following every rule, all is ok. All will be fine.
I also understand it is not usual for human nature to want to make things easy.

So. Am I wrong as a writer, if I go and correct everything? I'd lose a lot of my story. I'd lose a lot of the connection that....those who were not raised in the Islamic faith...have with this play.

And. As a muslim, am I shaming God? I shaming others of the Islamic faith?
And. If my first answer is to God... then. ....


All I keep thinking is...
Never judge a religion by its followers.

As the play has grown, so have I as a muslim. It is not in the writing because the characters are not in the same place I am. They are in a place I used to be. And life keeps moving. And, God willing, I will keep learning.

However. To the invidual who posted, you are following your responsibility as a member of the Islamic faith. I respect that. And I can only honor your commentary with this post. And I thank you for taking the time to contact me.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

soso habebty, am SO proud of you.. the whole muslim and arab nation should be proud of you! well done.

4:23 AM  
Blogger David said...

Suehyla - I thought your response was perfect. We are all flawed human beings. I have not read your play yet, but from what you wrote in your response, I would have to agree with you.

Thanks for writing what you did.


11:53 AM  

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